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Intuition Communications Ltd

Helping you to build your business

We have been active in the healthcare sector for many years. We see many providers who fail to develop or execute an effective marketing  and promotional strategy as a result of poor advice or poor understanding of what marketing healthcare is all about.

The most common question that we are asked by hospitals and clinics, individual consultants, healthcare service providers and medical travel destinations is:

  • “How can you help us to grow our business?”

We believe that we offer the right knowledge, expertise and tools to help you succeed.

At Intuition, we can help you to:

  • Understand the private healthcare and international patient market.
  • Develop an integrated strategy.
  • Identify opportunities in the private healthcare and international patient market.
  • Build your reputation and exploit those opportunities through the delivery of tailored online and offline promotional activity.
  • Monitor performance and measure your success.
  • We help healthcare providers to build a better and more sustainable business.

Intelligence, media solutions...

Intuition Communication is a specialist publisher of consumer and business-to-business information on private healthcare and medical travel. The company operates in three business areas.

  • Intuition Intelligence – We undertake research and consultancy for private healthcare and medical tourism projects and publish reports such as WebWatch, PriceWatch, the Medical Tourism Climate Survey, the Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey, and the Medical Tourism Facts and Figures Report.
  • Intuition Media - We operate consumer-facing health and medical tourism portals such as Private Healthcare UK, HarleyStreet.com, Treatment Abroad, and International Medical Travel Journal.
  • Intuition Solutions – We provide a publishing and content marketing service for healthcare providers and destinations, providing tailored content and publishing solutions – online, in print, and face to face.